Coast Redwoods Santa Cruz



Redwood and the Hinds House

The burled base of our coast redwood.





Coast redwood tree bark

The deeply furrowed bark of the redwood protects it from fire.





Redwood leaves at Hinds House Santa Cruz

Redwood leaves are small, soft and delecate; not what one might expect from the world's tallest tree.





The Hinds House and coast redwood tree

Our coast redwood is just a baby and still growing.





Coast redwoods in Aptos, CA

Coast Redwoods: the Tallest Trees on Earth.

There are three kinds of redwoods on the earth: the giant sequoia redwoods in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, the dawn redwoods of China, and the coast redwoods of California and Oregon.

The coast redwood grows in the mountains and valleys along the central and northern California coast. The climactic conditions of wet winters and foggy summers support the redwood's need for water. The tallest coast redwoods grow to a height of 300 to 350 feet. Their trunks can measure 25 across. At the Hinds House we share garden space with a big coast redwood. Not quite a giant, our redwood lives just a few steps from the house on the north side. Not present in early photographs of the Hinds House, our 80 to 100 foot high tree is probably 70 to 80 years old.

The tallest redwoods stand in the northwestern corner of California in Humbolt County. Trees in Humbolt were alive during Julius Caesar's rule and some stand 360 feet high. That's 40 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty. But you don't have to travel up north to see giant redwoods. We have a spectacular grove of old growth coast redwoods here in Santa Cruz County. If you have never walked through a redwood grove, you owe yourself an hour with these living giants.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is six and a half miles from the Hinds House. The park is the home of an incredible redwood grove with a flat one mile self-guided trail through the giant trees. The tallest tree in the park is 285 feet tall and 16 feet wide at its base. The oldest trees at Henry Cowell are 1400 to 1800 years old. One lone redwood like ours at the Hinds House is impressive, but walking into a grove of tall trees is like walking into a gothic cathedral. The air in a redwood grove is cool and moist. The dim light is filtered through acres of branches and leaves. Redwood groves are quiet places because the large trees absorb stray sound. Take a stroll through the coast redwoods at Henry Cowell, you won't forget the experience.

Coast redwood grove and trailer camping 1960's



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