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 Recent Entries in the Hinds House Guest Book.


Feb 27 ......"A truly magical place. The home is gorgeous and the people it attracts are equally wonderful."

Feb 25 ......"A pleasant place with lovely people. I hope we all meet again. An experience I will remember."

Feb 21 ......"Don't change a thing here. This is one of the best lodgings I've ever experienced."

Feb 18 ......"Cozy, beautiful, grand and inviting. I met the nicest people here. Thank you from my heart."

Feb 18 ......"Thank you for the great experience. Truly an amazing place to spend a week."

Feb 15 ......"What a find. Well organized, excellent and magnificent. I really enjoyed the other folks in the house too. Merci."

Oct 16 ......"My stay at Hinds House was great. I slept well and felt like I was at home. The house is beautiful! I will definitely recommend it to those who come to Santa Cruz."

Oct 14 ......"What a find. Well organized, excellent and magnificent. I really enjoyed the other folks in the house too. Merci."

Oct 11 ......"We had a wonderful time. Thanks for such a beautiful and comfortable environment."

Oct 8 ......"The Hinds House felt like a "home away from home." For those of us who appreciate the finer things in life it doesn't get much better than this."

Oct 5 ......"A charming home away from home. Well provided with good company. A memorable stay."

Oct 1 ......"My fourth visit to the Hinds House! Isn't it wonderful?! Thanks so much!"

Sep 16 ......"Loved the atmosphere here and our beautiful room. Having use of a kitchen and laundry was divine. The three block walk to downtown made our stay so convenient. Thanks!"

Sep 14......"So Elegant and comfortable, convenient and so close to downtown. Hinds House has a very friendly feel. Much nicer than an impersonal hotel. Thank you!"

Sep 10 ......"Thank you for sharing this charming house with me. I loved my stay here."

Sep 8 ......"What a clean, comfortable and peaceful stay. We met some truly amazing people here."

Sep 6 ......"We felt so at home here. An amazing house with great guests and great atmosphere."

Sep 3 ......"We just arrived today and we are already in love with this beautiful home!'

Aug 30 ......"Love the character of this house and the ability to step out the door into downtown. You thought of everything I could want or need here. Thank you!"

Aug 23 ......"We have loved being here! Great house, great location, great beauty, great organization and people. What a delight.

Aug 19 ......"What a find! Hinds House has a wonderful spirit. Very peaceful & comfortable. Wish there were more places like this in the world. Thanks much!

Aug 15 ......"Thank you for such a unique experience. A "youth hostel" for adults and such fun meeting the wonderful people who stay here. "

Aug 11 ......"Warm, lovely, gracious & comfortable. I am delighted to have found this sanctuary and look forward to a return."

Aug 9 ......"There are no words that can describe my stay here. Thank you for your great hospitality and friendship. I hope to one day return."

Jul 21 ......"Stunning place to enjoy my visit to UCSC. I hope very much to stay again in the near future."

Jul 15 ......"This is such a quiet, beautiful and relaxing home. Thank you for the attention to small details that makes our stay here so comfortable. We'll be back soon!"

Jul 10 ......"Thank you so much for the great job you do making Hinds House such a special place."

Jul 8 ......"Thanks for providing the most comfortable mattresses ever! I can't wait to tell my friends about this great experience here."

Jul 7 ......"Thank You! Comfortable, safe, affordable. A welcoming environment. Staff is accommodating."

Jul 4 ......"Thanks for a lovely stay. This house was live saver when I first moved to SC."

Jun 26 ......"Thank you Hinds House for the beautiful space, time and people. A very pleasant transition from southern California."

June 23 ......"Great atmosphere, warm welcome and great facilities. The most convenient location."

Jun 22 ......"Very clean, quiet and comfortable. The Victorian style gave me a nurturing feeling of welcome. My stay was perfect!"

Jun 19 ......"Very comfortable place! All well thought out with great attention to detail and privacy. Delightful!"

Jun 17 ......"I had a great stay in this wonderful place! Hope to make it back some time in the future. Thanks!"

Jun 14 ......"The Hinds House is very peaceful and quiet. It's like living at home. Decor is cozy & plush. The location is perfect. Thanks."

Mar 27 ......"We thoroughly enjoyed spending our anniversary in such a warm and beautiful place."

Mar 20 ......"Thanks so much. Wonderful house and room. Clean with all the amenities one could want. Liked the opportunity to make one's food. Could not have been better."

Mar 15 ....."We really enjoyed our stay. The Hinds House is quiet and clean providing a perfect place to relax on our vacation. Our bed was very comfortable."

Mar 14 ......"The history and style of this place was great. The common rooms, the kitchen, laundry and bike storage were all wonderful. Thank you."

Mar 10 ......"Thank you very much for keeping this beautiful, magical home for us weary travelers!"

Mar 8 ......"Thank you for your approach to doing business which is sincere, honest, friendly and at a very fair price."

Jan 3 ......"A historic wonder. So beautiful Loved the common rooms and the kitchen. A real temporary home! "

Dec 29 ......"You guys are great. The location here cannot be beat. The kitchen and laundry are a big plus. "

Dec 23 ......"Such a homey place to get some R&R for two weeks. My room was beautiful. "

Dec 18 ......"Hinds House is quiet, calm, beautiful and so comfortable. Ambling downstairs to make coffee in the morning I felt like royalty. Thank you. "

Dec 10 ......"I can't imagine a more convenient location or a more comfortable set up for a week long stay. Thank you for creating this place ."

Dec 9 ......"Our second time here and it won't be our last. Don't change a thing."

Dec 8 ......"Everything here was perfect. The most comfortable bed and great people from all around the world."

Dec 10 ......"Amazing stay! So lovely and homey far from my New York home. I will return."

Dec 5 ......"What a find! Great prices with the best location in town. Thank you!"

Dec 2 ......"We felt so safe and secure here. We want to make this an annual tradition."

Nov 30 ......"Hinds House was my home base for three weeks and I will miss this oasis right in downtown."

Nov 28 ......"Quiet, peaceful, beautiful, historic. This has been a most inspiring stay. Thank you."

Nov 20 ......"The ambiance here is perfect as is the location so close to everything downtown. Loved meeting my fellow travelers staying here."

Nov 15 ......"How clean and quiet this place is. Love the architecture and sitting in the parlor reading. A wonderful stay!"

Oct 8 ......"Historic gem with great charm. Thank you for providing this classy lodging at such great prices."

Oct 3 ......"Beautiful place. It was like having our own grand home in Santa Cruz. Relaxed and friendly with a great location."

Oct 1 ......"Love the cozy and historic atmosphere here and the proximity to downtown. We felt like we had it all."

Sep 30 ......"Been traveling California for a month and this is the best place I have stayed. So beautiful and quiet. I don't want to leave but the road calls me."

Sep 27 ......"Lovely place! Will gladly stay here again. This place is convenient and restful."

Sep 25 ......"Thank you for a good stay in Santa Cruz. This house is beautiful and convenient. I love this place."

Sep 23 ......"The perfect location for me. Loved walking to the cafes in the morning. Can I live here?"

Sep 20 ......"I have loved every stay I've had here. So quiet, peaceful and comfortable with attention to small details. Loved being able to park my car and walk everywhere."

Sep 12 ......"This felt like I had a real home for week rather than a hotel. Thanks for a great stay."

Sep 8 ......"Such a great place to stay. So cozy and comfortable. Loved my room and the close walk to downtown and Verve Coffee!!"

Sep 1 ......"Convenient, quiet and most of all gorgeous! A perfect stay."

Aug 30 ......"Our third stay here. We love this house and will gladly stay again whenever we visit the Bay Area."

Aug 2 ......"Loved how convenient and friendly this place is. Great history and architecture. We were totally pleased."

Jul 28 ......What a wonderful month it has been at Hinds House! It feels like a home away from home."

Jul 26 ......Loved staying in this wonderful home. The kitchen was great, my room was quiet, the location was pefect, and the other guests were so friendly. I'm planning my return for next year already."

Jul 20 ......You have provided an oasis in the middle of town that time forgot. I love it here and I don't want to leave."

Jul 11 ......What a novel idea - provide a beautiful space and treat your guests like adults. Pick up after yourself, respect your fellow guests so that all can enjoy this gem of a house. Many thanks."

Jul 6 ......So quiet and such a lovely home. Loved having the kitchen and the short walk into downtown."

Jul 1 ......This was the perfect place to land for my two week stay in Santa Cruz. I am already planning my return. I wish there was a Hinds House in every city."

Jun 28......Thanks for a very comfortable stay during a week of hard work at UCSC. I'd love to come back next time I'm in town."

Jun 26 ......Hinds House makes it easy to relax. Everything here works out. See you next time."

Jun 22 ......This guest house is great! Very friendly folks and very clean house. Feels like home."

June 20 ......Loved the location, kitchen and laundry fa cities, comfortable beds and quiet oasis in downtown."

Jun 20 ......Everything here was great. So close to all the shops and food downtown. I loved it here."

May 26 ......Another great holiday week at the Hinds House. Everything was perfect. Thank you for being there."

May 17 ......"In all my travels I have never encountered a place like Hinds House. Welcoming, casual, beautiful and so affordable. Wow!"

May 10 ......"I am so glad to have found this oasis. My two week stay was a dream. Walking up Church street each night and seeing the porch light burning on the grand old Victorian made my heart race."

May 8 ......"The comfort of this vintage home and the well-organized kitchen made our stay so relaxed. What a resource this is for travelers!"

May 6 ......"Can't believe my good fortune in finding this downtown treasure. I only wish there was a Hinds House in every town I visit."

May 3 ......"This is one of the greatest places to stay. Well decorated house in great condition. You provided me with all essentials for travels."

Mar 29 ......"Thank you for giving your guests the amenities and comfort they need for exploring this beautiful city and making us feel at home."

Mar 26 ......"A dream house in a dream city!"

Mar 23 ......"A terrific place to stay! Very historic home and a cozy room. I loved my experience in Santa Cruz starting from here."

Mar 19 ......"Thank you Hinds House for a clean, comfortable, and beautiful refuge in downtown. I'm now spoiled for other places."

Mar 10 ......"What a beautiful and historic treasure this place is. I still can't believe I was able to stay here. The value here is fantastic."

Mar 9 ......"This location was perfect for me without a car. Thank you Hinds House for a great landing here in SC."

Feb 3......"A beautiful old house with tons of charm and character. Loved my stay here. Other guests were upbeat and friendly. Thank you for providing an alternative to a long stay in a hotel room."

Jan 29......"This is the most thoughtful and wonderful lodging we have found at any price on our visit to the U.S. Brian and his staff have created a step back in time that is perfect for modern travelers."

Jan 25 ......"Our first night in California from the UK and the best place in the state! We feel really lucky. Hinds House is a must-see in Santa Cruz. We hope to return."

Jan 22......"Beautiful stained glass, wood work, comfy beds, warm and friendly fellow guests. I wish there was a place like this in every city."

Jan 18......"So easy to feel at home here. the information from the in-room guide was huge plus. Thanks Hinds House!"

Jan 15 ......"Comfy beds, nice showers, great kitchen, wonderful feeling, beautiful architecture, awesome location, friendly innkeepers, just great! Thanks so much for a magic stay."

Jan 12 ......"Another perfect stay in Santa Cruz. You have me so spoiled when I visit other cities. I want a Hinds House everywhere I go."

Jan 6 ......"Thank you for sharing this amazing mansion with us. The location was perfect, the furnishings were great. The peace and quiet were wonderful. I don't want to leave!"

Jan 3 ......"I am so pleased to have found such perfect accommodations in Santa Cruz! Location is great and so is the option of making meals. Many thanks! No other place like this!"

Jan 1 ......"What a find! I wish there was a Hinds House in every city. I am now spoiled by the cleanliness, the location and the reasonable rates. Thanks for doing what you do!"

Dec 4 ......"Everything here was just perfect. Great location, full kitchen, terrific prices, free parking, beautiful furnishings. You guys rock!"

Dec 2 ......"A nice stay in a wonderful place! Thank you for keeping this house so lovely and warm."

Nov 30 ......"I always enjoy Santa Cruz and couldn't think of a better place to stay than Hinds House."

Nov 29 ......"My home away from home. Always welcomed and always lovely."

Nov 26 ......"The location and value of this historic gem just can't be beat. You've spoiled me for other places."

Nov 20 ......"Loved the location...right in the heart of town. Guests from all over the globe, a beautiful kitchen and laundry available. This was the most comfortable week of our entire trip. Thanks!"

Nov 20 ......"Thank you for a beautiful peaceful stay. Sparkling clean, great location, beautiful decor! will recommend and be back."

Nov 14 ......"One of the most beautiful and comfortable places we have ever stayed. An unexpected surprise to find this oasis in the middle of the city. Thanks you for creating this place for weary travelers."

Nov 9 ......"Loved the beauty and cleanliness of this place. So close to everything downtown. We felt like this grand house was "ours" for the week."

Nov 3 ......"Fabulous! Everything spotless! The comforts of home. We felt like we actually live here. This was a week we won't forget."

Nov 1 ......"A place of beauty and inspiration. Thank you for sharing two weeks of olde Santa Cruz."

Oct 30 ......"Excellent in all respects. A beautifully furnished, beautifully kept home and guests who were all interesting and engaging. a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

Oct 22......"Loved this historic house, the comfortable bed, and all the thoughtful extras. A wonderful experience!!"

Oct 18 ......"The amenities here reflect the management's thoughtfulness in making guests comfortable in an extended stay. Bravo!"

Oct 15......"Loved the Hinds House. The most perfect Santa Cruz location, the beauty of the architecture, and the other guests. All top notch!'

Oct 2......"Loved everything about the Hinds House. The accommodations were excellent, the people here friendly, and the environment so peaceful."

Sept 28 ......"So comfortable, so clean and full of wonderful people!"

Sept 25 ......"Loved everything here. The location is so prime and the house is quiet and clean. Thanks!"

Sept 20 ......"A perfect stay in the Hinds House. Loved having a meal or two with fellow travelers from around the world."

Sept 19 ......"such kind people here. My room was cozy and clean. I hate to leave."

Sept 16......"A welcome alternative to the big and impersonal hotels. Keep up the good work."

Sept 13 ......"Everything I needed was provided here. A lovely and comfortable stay."

Aug 28 ......"We can't imagine a better place to stay for our week in Santa Cruz. The great kitchen, cleanliness, comfort, privacy, and all the other great guests we met. A first class experience!"

Aug 25 ......"This is such a wonderful concept. Affordability with location and comfort. We'll be back!!"

Aug 20 ......"Quiet, well stocked, clean, and comfortable. A very pleasant experience staying at Hinds House. Loved that this wasn't an impersonal hotel. Thanks!'

Aug 19 ......"Thanks again for another soft landing in America. See you again in the spring."

Aug 16......"Thank you for the delightful visit to Santa Cruz. By far the most comfortable place we've ever enjoyed."

Aug 13 ......"It's very quiet here and the decor is beautiful. Everything is in superb shape. It really shows that someone loves this place."

Aug 6 ......"Thank you for such a warm and pleasant home away from home. This week has been a memorable experience for me."

Aug 3 ......"Every detail here was perfect. A peaceful downtown oasis. Thanks for the great in-room guide."

Aug 1 ......"Thanks for the clean and lovely environment, soft linens, well stocked kitchen & friendly service."

July 28 ......"Everything was wonderfully clean, the location was tops & it was very quiet."

July 21 ......"We loved this place. Felt right at home. The bed was so comfortable and we slept well every night."

July 18 ......"Thank you for being generous & hospitable and providing such a great location and all the comforts of home."

July 12 ......"This was a perfect place for me to land. Beautiful home, beautiful people. Thank you."

July 10......"I'm honored to rest my head here. Thank you!"

July 4......"This house is absolutely amazing. Every detail is lovely."

July 2 ......"The attention to all details makes this a perfect home away from home. It attracts the nicest people."

Jun 30 ......"Can't believe my luck having found this gem in the heart of a great downtown. I'll be back."

Jun 28 ......"I wish there was a Hinds House in every city. A treasure!"

Jun 18 ......"A beautiful house in excellent condition. I had an excellent stay!"




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